Kilis Turkey

To the Border – Turkey

“Is the gate open today?” “What gate?” “The gate at the border” “What border?” The Syrian guy looked at me like I was an idiot as the mini-bus wheezed out of the station. My Arabic almost coming out as second nature given that it was the only language I could successfully speak in this area […]

Sunset over Mount Nemrut - Turkey

Mount Nemrut and Beyond

There is very little to do in Adiyaman you almost wonder why any would come here.  If it wasn’t for the nearby Mount Nemrut National Park very few probably would.  We arrived here on the morning bus unsure of how we were going to move … [Read More...]

On the Road to Nemrut

East to Gaziantep

The flight is leaving in a few hours.  Is it enough time to make it? Yeah, but we have to hurry.   I have been in Istanbul for a few days now, visiting friends, stuffing my face full of delicious food, and trying not to … [Read More...]


Visiting Rumelian Fortress

Where’s that? When my friend recommended we go to Rumelian Fortress I was surprised I had no idea what that place was.  Even my other friend who is living in Istanbul had not heard of it either.  It wasn’t until I actually saw the … [Read More...]