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Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia

This is my blog about the adventures that life has brought me or will soon bring me.  I started to realize I really don’t have a document of the adventures and misadventures that has blessed my life particularly over the last several years.  While I cant change the past I look forward to updating this site in the future.

I am a big lover of travel and all things in the world.  It seems that if I go more than a few months without a trip I start to get a little anxious for my next adventure.  It seems much of my life I’m either getting ready for an upcoming trip or planning some new adventure in the future.  My friends and family have started to instead of ask how I am, ask where I am at and that is currently the best situation for me at the moment.

I’m an engineer, a tech nerd, a photographer, a traveler, and just a life adventurer.  I currently reside and work in the Washington DC suburbs with hopes and plans to find out where my next location or adventures brings me.

While this blog grew as a repository of stories I realized that I had a lot to share with folks like you who found my site among all the sites on the internet.  Hopefully I can provide interesting stories, useful advice, motivation, and inspiration to get out and see the world.  You don’t need to quit your job (I haven’t) to go and experience and see a lot of the world.  And I besides sharing stories, I hope to show you how to get out there too.

I have traveled to 46 Countries (on 5 continents) and 23 US States:


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