2013 Year in Review – Life, Lessons, and Learning

Shenandoah National Park - Virginia

End of years make me think of new beginnings and lessons from endings as well.  It makes me take status of my life and start to learn from where I went wrong and where I also went right.  So to recap here is my 2013 year in review. 2013 was an interesting year…one of the most memorable to date. The beginning of 2013 found me in Qatar celebrating … [Read more...]

The trials of Car rentalship

King Abdullah Gardens -- Amman, Jordan

“One Minute, One Minute” – he yelled at me in Arabic as he held on tightly to my hand. I couldn’t figure out who he was whether he was a pimp or a carnie working at the dilapidated amusement park surrounding us. Another woman (who my friend figures was a prostitute) kept yelling (in Arabic) for me to listen to him, but I didn’t really want to do … [Read more...]

In Search of Water

Statue - Darat Al-Funun - Amman Jordan

So it’s day three of wondering where my water in my apartment is, and I’m fresh in need of a shower.  So in case you are curious about the story lets see where I can start. So after paying for water on Friday, my water was gone then on Saturday. After arguing with them in my broken Arabic on Sunday they plugged in a pump...which did … [Read more...]

My Super Seven Shots


I find it hard to really look through and thinking about my photographs.  I mean it’s a huge hobby of mine, but now with tens of thousands of photos the process gets harder and harder.  I was both thankful and intimidated when Jessica of Suitcases and Sippycups cups tagged me in the Hostelbookers post for Super Seven Shots from different … [Read more...]

Unintentionally Funny Signs of Travel in Japan


You know there are often times some signs and postings that are just humorous to see, even if unintentionally so.  Often times I wonder if it is only I who finds these funny, maybe it’s just my stupid sense of humor.  Japan is an amazing place, and it has such an amazing culture.  However often times there are things there that either maybe don’t … [Read more...]