Egypt: Saint Catherine’s Monastery et al.

Camels - Saint Catherine's Monastery - Mount Sinai - Egypt

The way down was fairly uneventful for us. Whisky seemed to reprise his role in our group or perhaps his uncanny body double.  But the benefit of morning hiking is that you can actually see where you go.  The clot of hikers slowly flowed down the mountain steps onto the trail below and Whisky bounded along laden with our friend upon his back. If … [Read more...]

Egypt: In the steps of Moses

View from Mount Sinai - Egypt

“Wow that was scary” – C said as we got out of the van into the darkness. I looked around and thought about the hike ahead, and strangely had no recollection of the journey to get here.  For better or worse over years I’ve developed the ability to sleep almost anywhere.  A sort of parlor trick to perhaps amuse my row mates on those cramped … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo: Sunrise on Mount Sinai – Egypt

Sunrise over Mount Sinai - Egypt

It’s good to be home…or at least that is what I keep telling myself.  I’m sitting here trying to get back to work, life, etc.  Finding a new place to live.  It is the start of a new chapter, but also the continuation of an old one.  It is a bit strange getting back to my old job, seeing what has changed and what hasn’t.  Sometimes you are the one … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo: Morning on Mount Sinai

Morning on Mt. Sinai - Egypt

I can’t say I had a great plan to go and hike up Mount Sinai, but when a few friends had mentioned the idea, I was in.  We found some cheap tickets to Sharm El-Sheikh and made our way to do a quick tour of the mountain.  It’s not a large mountain, and certainly not a difficult climb, but it was a valuable evening to get the opportunity to see a … [Read more...]