Weekly Photo: Scammed at the Tanneries – Marrakech, Morocco

Tanneries - Marrakech, Morocco

You know scams happen to the best of us.  I wandered down to the Tanneries in Marrakech, Morocco and of course they said it is free to walk around.  You know you are going to have to pay something, it is definitely obvious.  They let you inside and I realized there was another group walking around but this one with a local tour guide.  I of course … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Morning in the Souk

Morning in the Souk -- Marrakesh, Morocco

I had a bit of a love hate relationship going on there with Marrakesh.  I adored it overall I would say, but there were just some random encounters, etc that just drove me beyond crazy while wandering through the narrow alleyways.  However I found the beauty of the place quite mesmerizing and I enjoyed just watching the daily flow of life move … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Essaouira Street Scene

Streets of Essaouira - Morocco

I love just random street scenes.  I posted another photo previously from Essaouira and wanted to share some more.  I’m still writing up about my time there too so hope to post more about that as well.  It feels strange to finally start to catch up with life at the moment.  Catching up with things that seems months ago but still fresh in mind.  … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: The streets of Essaouira


I’ve been busily trying to sort and edit photographs so they might not always be in order of time taken.  This however was probably my most recent international trip however, and I really liked my short time over in Essaouira, Morocco.  I seemed more relaxed and less crowded then the busy avenues and alleyways of Marrakesh.  I only ended up sending … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Essaouira Harbor


Umm…so don’t notice too much that this isn’t being posted on Friday.  I noticed for some reason that it had not been published when it was supposed to be!  Here is a shot of a recent trip a bit ago from my time in Morocco (more write-up soon I hope).  There is a lot of activity and boats at the harbor area and a distinctive smell of … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: On the Ramparts


Jet lag, tired, anxious…it seems like the regular feelings as I travel home from being away for a while.  I had thought it would have been easy to keep up with writing while away, but that had been harder than I had expected.  It is amazing how time just slips through your fingers when so much else is happening.  I had thought I didn’t have time … [Read more...]