Photo Essay: Views of Mysore – India


As I wrote earlier I had taken a quick trip down to Mysore and Bangalore from Hyderabad with my cousins.  For all of us it was our first time in Karnataka and against my better judgment we ended up taking a day tour of each of the places.  Alas however that doesn’t mean I am without photos, although probably without as many good stories.  Beyond … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo: Fruit Sellers in Hyderabad India

Fruit Sellers - Laad Bazaar - Hyderabad India

  I’ve been terrible about posting India photos I know.  Getting into a car accident right after coming back sorta threw the normal schedule out of alignment and for some reason I haven’t quite brought it back to normal.  I haven’t even sent out my email of photos from the trip (sorry!), so hopefully at least I can try to make up some by … [Read more...]

Photo Essay: Prophet’s Birthday in Hyderabad India

Charminar - Hyderabad India

It was a warm January over there in Hyderabad this year.  We were there mostly to try to catch up with family, go shopping, and relax and enjoy the escape from the terrible “polar vortex that hounded the US”.  The Prophet Muhammad's (SAWS) birthday is not something that is generally celebrated with a lot of fanfare.  In many countries it is a day … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo: Mecca Masjid in Lights – Hyderabad

Mecca Masjid in Lights - Hyderabad, India

I haven’t posted as much from my travels to India as I had hoped but I’m trying to rectify that recently as I just posted about a trip into the Jungle and a trip on the train from Bangalore (although haven’t written about Bangalore yet!).  So hopefully I’ll get around to more of them.  This photo is from the night of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWS) … [Read more...]

Notes from an Indian Train

India Country side - From Train

It’s been 20 years… Wow 20 years…seems almost unbelievable.  I really can’t believe its been that long.  I had to recheck my math to verify that. But yes strangely in fact 20 years since my last train ride in India.  And you would probably think so much has changed in that amount of time, but maybe not as much you would imagine. To be … [Read more...]