It’s a KFC sort of Christmas.

Santa and Rudolph - Tokyo, Japan

Merry Christmas to all.  Open up the presents under the tree, sing carols, and eat Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Wait you don't eat KFC on Christmas you say?  You think I'm crazy maybe since it's Christmas and it's likely closed where you are?  Or maybe you didn't reserve you chicken ahead of time in preparation? Well if that's the case you probably … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Christmas Tokyo Style

Ooh it sparkles!

No one seems to know how to do Christmas more commercially than they seem to do it in Tokyo.  There seemed to be no end to the over the top christmas decorations in all corners of this massive city.  This one was the Swarovski Crystal Christmas tree in Omotesando hills.  Merry Christmas! … [Read more...]

A tour through the Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum -- Mitaka, Japan

I've been to Tokyo more than a dozen times and never once seemed to find the time or the opportunity to make it to the Ghibli museum.  That is one of the general issues of business travel specifically is that you can never really know your schedule ahead of time and getting tickets for the museum requires advanced time and date reservation as well … [Read more...]

Himono Restaurant — Shinjuku, Japan


I have been to many different types of eateries while in Tokyo, so it is always exciting when I get to try something new.  When my friend asked if I wanted to go to a Himono Restaurant, I was both excited and well curious as to what that was.  Himono is a style of preparing fish that consists of drying the fish and then later grilling it for … [Read more...]

A Night in Golden Gai


I have been to Tokyo many times in the past, and I have always wanted to go to Golden Gai but never got the opportunity to.  But when I was talking with my coworker about it this time, he had mentioned he might be interested in going too and being that this may be one of my last trips (although I always say that), I really knew that I needed to try … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Fuji and Beyond

Mt Fuji - Japan

It's probably not the best of photographs, but it is one that I really like.  Standing on top of Mt. Fuji looking towards the sunrise I accidentally caught someone's arm in my photograph as well.  But it really gave a nice effect. … [Read more...]