Friday Photo: Along the trail in Petra


It was a lovely winter morning as we wandered along the trails of Petra.  There were very few folks wandering about this morning which was one of the benefits of visiting during the winter months.  I saw these folks, local Bedouins hurry along down the trail along with the other few tourists who were on there way as well and I was lucky … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Let it Snow – Jordan

Amman in the Snow - Amman, Jordan

I was hearing reports that it was planning to snow this weekend so not sure how that is going to affect my plans.  I was talking to recently and made me realize that this time last year was around the time when I landed in Jordan for my several months of study.  It is amazing how quickly time evaporates!  I am working on my next … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Looking Ahead – Kerak, Jordan

Castle Kerak - Kerak, Jordan

I’ve been working on a few things, including a few posts perpetually in draft mode (I swear I’ll get them done someday soon!).  Also I’ve been thinking a lot about other content on my blog.  Oddly for years now I’ve had several email travel guides that I’ve sent off to friends and family to help them navigate and explore some of my favorite places … [Read more...]

7 Tips for visiting the Desert Castles – Jordan

Driving in the Eastern Desert

The Desert Castles and Eastern Desert was one of my most memorable trips I had taken during my stay in Jordan.  It felt very remote, very beautiful in the stark landscape of the region.  When we went we had no idea what we were doing, and we had prepared as best as we could through research, instinct, and dumb luck.  Hopefully these … [Read more...]

Into the Eastern Desert – Qasr-ain

Into the Eastern Desert - Qasr Harrana - Jordan

In Arabic the word “Qasr” means palace.  These were possibly palaces, although some were mere fortresses, and most were simply lodges and houses, which I guess could be seen as a palace.  There were two famous examples on the outskirts of Azraq that see the most tourists (mostly from tour buses from the capital) and we opted to visit these before … [Read more...]

Weather and wonder in Ajloun

Castle Ajloun - Ajloun, Jordan

I walked outside my apartment in the morning, fresh trash strewn on the street in front of my building.  The sun was shining and it was already warming up nicely as spring was starting really show itself here in Jordan. I was feeling a bit weighed down by my coat as obviously the weather was only going to get warmer as the day rolled on. As at … [Read more...]