A tour of Winterlude 2012

Winterlude - Ottawa, Canada

I had the the fortunate timing to get to experience a bit of Winterlude during my time up there in Ottawa and while it was only the first day I was able to definitely get a bit of taste of it. Winterlude is an annual celebration in Ottawa held across the first three weekends in February.  In 2012 Winterlude runs from February 3rd through … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Parliament House of Canada

Parliament House -- Ottawa Canada

It was a notably cold night while I wandered around Ottawa looking to take a few night photos.  I set up my tripod out by the Centennial Flame on Parliament hill while a few Ottawa cops looked at me inquisitively from their heated police cars.  I stood there with my cable release in hand as I fired off several photos of the lovely Parliament house … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Ottawa Convention Center — Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa Convention Center -- Ottawa Canada

It was a lovely night (but crazy cold too -15C) in Ottawa and I decided to go take a few photos of Ottawa at night.  I would have probably liked it better trying to set up a tripod and get some longer exposures had the temperatures not been so bitter cold that I had to try hopping around to stay warm.  The beneficial part of taking photos on a … [Read more...]

Five Fun things to do in Ottawa in the Winter


So you are heading up to Ottawa during the winter, and are wondering why didn’t I decide to do this in the spring or summer instead. Well maybe you have no choice given it’s a business trip or maybe you just want to see Canada during the winter to see what it has to offer. I had the need to be in Ottawa during the end of January and realized there … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Basilique Notre-Dame – Montréal


It was a gorgeous winter day in Montreal the day I decided to wander over from my trip in Ottawa.  It was downright warm and sunny at only -2 Celsius (which felt really warm in comparison to the -10 and -15 days around it).  Someone had mentioned to me that I needed to stop and see Notre Dame while in Montreal and I didn't think much about it until … [Read more...]