Friday Photo: Albanian War Heroes

Albania War Hero Monument in Durres, Albania

Who is that man on top of the Monument?  I really have no idea.  One of the interesting things about Albania was seeing all the statues to past war heroes in random locations around the country.  Durres especially had more than its share of monuments to heroes of wars past most of which I would never become familiar with I'm sure.  It is always … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: European timewarp

Kruje, Albania

Albania was one of the more surprising places I had the chance to go to.  It seemed a bit like it was stuck in a bit of a timewarp, and not at all like much of the rest of Europe that I had visited.  I've seen donkeys used a lot in many parts of the world but definitely the first time I've seen it in Europe. … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Chickens out Front

Chickens out front -- Berat

Are the chickens for sale or are they possibly being taken for a walk and not allowed inside?  I may never know the true answer to that question I suppose, but it was an odd little sight while we were wandering in the rain in Berat, Albania. … [Read more...]