Friday Photo: Don’t Waste Time — Brussels Underground

Man in Subway -- Brussels, Belgium

 I can't believe it is already March, when the end of last year seemed only yesterday perhaps.  Sitting here worrying about procrastinated tasks, forgotten resolutions, and those plans with simply a "someday" tag attached.  Do you feel that your time is always best spent these days?  How do you work to improve it?  This photo was from a trip … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: The Fog in Brugge

Bridge in the fog in Brugge, Belgium

It was a cold and foggy day the time we wandered down into Brugge.  I didn't think it was going to end up being a good day for photography, just a nice day to see museums.  But sometimes the fog adds a lot to the atmosphere of a place. Check out Delicious Baby for more Friday Photo Fun! … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Statue — Brussels

Statue -- Brussels, Belgium

I spent a week in October of '09 exploring Brussels for a weekend.  I didn't have the greatest weekend perhaps but I had a lovely time wandering the city by myself taking photos as I went.  I just happened to like this statue with the Palace of Justice in the background. … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Downtown Gent

Dowtown Gent, Belgium

Just a perfect November Afternoon in Gent, Belgium.  It was a surprisingly warm and sunny day for late November so I ended up being very lucky with my time there and with the company I was able to go there with.  Gent ended up being one of my favorite places to see in Belgium. … [Read more...]