Weekly Photo: Dubrovnik City Coast

Dubrovnik City Coast - Croatia

I’m one of the worst people at trying to come up with names for photos.  I’ve been just dreaming of places lately again.  It is one of the rare moments where I do not have any upcoming trips planned.  That is really weird for me.  Generally speaking I always seem to have some idea of where I’m going next or what is happening soon.  But lately trips … [Read more...]

Touring the Museum of Broken Relationships


Maybe love isn’t always grand.  Occupying the other spectrum of relationships is the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia.  A tribute to the love that was and then for reasons many was no longer…  So as I hobbled along through Zagreb in my time there, I happened upon this museum as I was descending one of the hills. … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Street Art in Zagreb

Street art in Zagreb, Croatia

I decided to take a last minute trip to Zagreb to get over to Plitvice National Park (where I later injured myself). On the way there was a lot of street art on the walls of buildings on the walk towards the bus terminal. One of my favorites though is the one shown below. … [Read more...]

My mishaps in Croatia — Part 3

Trg bana Josipa Jelačića -- Zagreb, Croatia

The end of my crazy little day in Zagreb and Plitvice National Park.  Just for those following along who may want to know how it ended.  Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven't yet. She began to explain the situation to me before realizing I didn’t understand her.  I usually end up with my "go to response" of just appearing like a dear in … [Read more...]

My mishaps in Croatia — Part 2

Sorry I had to break the posts up.  I'm in England at the moment and if I don't separate them a bit I won't ever get it finished.  For those who may not have followed this is a continuation of my quick trip to Croatia for a day that definitely did not go as planned.  If you want to know how it began check out Part 1.  OK so now there is no good … [Read more...]