Friday Photo: Bridge Traffic – Budapest Hungary


Life’s a bit of a blur.  I feel that way lately in that I’ve been delinquent on way too many things lately in life and such.  I seem to wake up and it’s Friday and I don’t know where the week has gone.  I will get back to writing more soon…it’s like exercise perhaps.  It takes a while to get back in the habit possibly.  I … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Lions of Budapest

Széchenyi Chain Bridge -- Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a lovely city, but far lovelier at night I found.  Along the Danube especially the city is lit up each evening in beautiful splendor.  Completed in 1849, the Széchenyi Chain bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Budapest.   … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Budapest from Above

Budapest Hungary at night from the Citadella

It was a really cold night that night up on the Citadella, but i knew I needed to go up there at night to see the city and I was running low on nights.  it was gorgeous up there, but horribly windy and I stood there with my tripod trying to get a photo while I could. … [Read more...]