Friday Photo: In the Shadow of Etna – Sicily

Mount Etna - Sicily, Italy

I had wanted to climb Mt. Etna while I was in Sicily on the trip there but the weather never seemed to cooperate.  It rained nearly daily which ended up causing the tours of the Mountain to cancel on a regular basis.  Ahh well, it would have been a beautiful place to go hiking.  I also missed out on Vesuvius as well while near Naples for the same … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Walking along the way

Taormina, Sicily

I was thinking today that it has been nearly three years since I moved to the Washington DC area.  In a strange sort of way my time time may end nearly when my 3 years started and I moved there from Philadelphia for a variety of reasons.  I’m in the process of figuring out the path ahead, some of it out of choice and some not; but … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Downtown Sorrento — Italy


It is not a very recent photograph for me.  I just thought about it recently since one of my friends on the trip requested me to find it for them and it reminded me that I never posted much from Italy at all on my blog.  I do really like the photo as the sun was getting low in the sky during my first night on this trip through mid and … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Catania Cathedral

Catania Cathedral -- Catania, Italy

They were kicking folks out of the cathedral for some reason, I couldn't tell exactly since I dont speak Italian.  I was hoping to try to get a few photos of the cathedral in central Catania prior to leaving.  I was able to get a quick shot off here before the folks made me leave. … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: You’ve got a friend in Positano

Beach at Positano, Italy

I decided to try to sneak out in the early morning to get some morning shots of Positano before my friends woke up.  The city was pretty well deserted early in the AM but there was a dog out and about as well.  He seemed to strangely take a liking to me and followed me around much of the morning.  He followed me so closely I wouldn't be surprised … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: An evening in Positano

Positano at Night -- Positano, Italy

I love wandering around cities at night.  Positano, Italy is a great candidate for night shots, or any type of shot to be honest.  I found it such a wonderful place in general, and a lot warmer than many of the other spots we visited on these October evenings. … [Read more...]