Friday Photo: War Stories

Signs of War -- Pristina, Kosovo

There was a special exhibit going on in downtown Prishtina while we were in town.  It detailed the stories on both sides of families who are missing relatives or even the remains of  relatives lost during the war.  Every person has their stories and many of these were just beyond tragic.  It was really hard to go and read these stories and just … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Newborn — Prishtina, Kosovo

Newborn Statue -- Pristina, Kosovo

Kosovo was definitely one of my favorite places on the trip.  From very friendly people, to its interesting yet tragic history, it really drew me in.  Prishtina especially was the makings of a great capital, or at least hopefully one day in the future.  We probably were the only two tourists in town, or at least the only ones that we saw.  One of … [Read more...]

An Evening in Pristina

Newborn Statue -- Prishtina, Kosovo

We left the hotel after a bit of rest and it had already started to get rather dark outside. First thing we had noticed however was the power was also out in our section of the city. Not sure how large of an issue this was or if this was possibly a regular occurrence in the city. Pro Travel tip: Always carry a flashlight. We made our way … [Read more...]

Wandering the streets of Pristina, Kosovo


We washed up and rested up for a few hours prior to heading out for the day.  -L- had been feeling a bit ill and the first order of business was to try to find a pharmacy to get some medication.  Pristina itself was a larger city than I had expected.  It seemed to be built up and in better shape than I would have imagined too.  It was a bit rougher … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Basketball in Prishtina

Streetball in Kosovo -- Pristina, Kosovo

Kosovo is an interesting place, one of beauty and conflict.  I can say I was very wrong in what I believed Kosovo would be like, and Prishtina in particular.  Sure there were areas of still damage, but it was a bustling city coming back into its own.  I found myself really enjoying Kosovo and this city in particular.  There was so much going on in … [Read more...]

Bound for Kosovo

Dinner in Podgorica, Montenegro

We finished dinner and arrived late at the bus station to await our evening bus to Kosovo.  We both were just mulling around the station.  I had finished up the last few of my postcards and realized there was no easy way to get them mailed back to the states since the post-office was closed.  I had convinced the people working the bus station to … [Read more...]