Five Reasons to visit the Baltics Right Now

Riga Old City -- Riga, Latvia

I had decided to go to the Baltic States because I had not been there yet before.  I mostly got a lot of confused stares and questions as to why I would go there as opposed to all the other “must see” sites that everyone else has on their lists.  Well my “must see” lists are always quite different than everyone else’s, but in reality it’s amazing … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Trakai Castle

Boat w/ Trakai Castle -- Trakai, Lithuania

It started out as a fairly decent day on our way to Trakai.  Lithuania had been a rainy start to the trip in general and so it was nice to get some reprieve from the rain.  Trakai made a nice quick little day trip outside of Vilnius which gave us the opportunity to see a castle too in the Baltics. … [Read more...]

Vilnius: Sometimes it doesn’t Translate

Me: My bag was lost by the airline and they will be coming later today to drop off my bag. Lady at Hostel: You have a room; you can leave the bags in the room. Me: Yes I know I have a room. But there is someone coming from the airport and he is bringing my bag.  It was lost on the way here. Lady: You have a room; you can leave your bag in … [Read more...]

Welcome to Lithuania

Vilnius at night -- Vilnius Lithuania

Me: So my luggage didn’t make it here to Vilnius. Baggage Desk Guy: Well according to our records, it seems you should have been on the earlier flight. Me: Well shouldn’t that mean it would have been here already? It’s midnight in Lithuania and this has not been one of my better flights.  It started out well, getting to Dulles, checking in, … [Read more...]