Friday Photo: Night in Warsaw

Night in Warsaw - Poland

There is not much to often when you are alone in a city far from home by yourself.  Maybe that is one of the benefits of loving photography, you can enjoy the night at your pace and perhaps find joy in a solo hobby such as this.  I love nights in cities, especially when the weather is warm and people are enjoying the evening warmth.  I watched … [Read more...]

Tips for visiting the Auschwitz Concentration Camps

Auschwitz II - Birkenau

I got a several emails regarding my last posts and people were wondering about how easy it is to get to Auschwitz, things they should know etc.  Ok I didn’t get a lot of emails per se but again I’m not really a big blog so I was quite excited that people actually read something I wrote!  So here are a few tips for visiting the concentration camps … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Market Square in Krakow

Market Square in Krakow - Poland

It was a beautiful crisp September evening in the old town square of Krakow.  Such a gorgeous little city with so much history. I came here after a few days from Warsaw and while I really liked Warsaw it definitely did not have the architecture that Krakow currently has.  I was wandering around late at night taking photos, relaxing, watching people … [Read more...]

Visiting Auschwitz II – Birkenau


This post is a continuation from part one on Auschwitz I Getting out of the museum we opted to try to get a bite to eat before continuing our visit to the camps.  There are a few options available in the area for food, but generally not much.  There is a cafeteria at the Museum and a few restaurants scattered outside of the parking lot of … [Read more...]

To Oświęcim and Auschwitz


I got up early and wandered over to the bus station to catch our bus.  It was a cool September morning and we tried to get there early to catch our bus over to Auschwitz.  I had been wanting to see Auschwitz for a long time. Maybe I should wonder why on holiday I would want to see such a tragic place. I have always been interested in the history … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Today in History

Arbeit macht frei - Auschwitz Concentration Camp - Poland

There were a lot of things that happened today I'm sure.  But today is also the anniversary where 67 years ago one of worst places in existence was liberated.  It Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Oświęcim, Poland where on January 27th, 1945 the Red Army entered and drove the Nazis out.  It was only the beginning of the knowledge however of how cruel … [Read more...]