A Spring Ski Weekend in Zermatt – Day Two

Skiing in Zermatt - Switzerland

The tough part about quick weekend trips is that the days end up being really long as you try to fit everything in.  This weekend was no exception as we attempted to rise early (after a semi-ok night sleep, and loud music playing from our upstairs hostel neighbors) to get back out on the slopes and get a day’s worth of skiing in before our train to … [Read more...]

A Spring Ski Weekend in Zermatt

Ski Weekend in Zermatt

As I have said I’m a bit behind on the travel updates…so this is from back in April. We were going to be in the UK for a few weeks and figured that this would be a good opportunity to see if we could get some skiing in.  However due to work and it being late in the ski season we were very limited on where we could go.  It seemed like it was … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Memories of Winter

Zermatt - Switzerland

Maybe its not much to be thinking about winter in the middle of August.  Maybe it’s always dreaming of times that are different than when you are?  Or Maybe I just miss skiing a bit.  So I wanted to post another photo from my trip to Switzerland for skiing back in April (well I suppose it should be memories of spring perhaps), with the snow coming … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Snow day in Zermatt


I have a ton to write about lately.  Working, traveling, eating, it is hard business and makes it difficult to find time to get online these days.  It makes me constantly behind on actually writing things up these days.  I got to spend a few days in Zermatt for some skiing in mid April, and everyone was worried how the weather would be.  Waking up … [Read more...]