East to Gaziantep

On the Road to Nemrut

The flight is leaving in a few hours.  Is it enough time to make it? Yeah, but we have to hurry.   I have been in Istanbul for a few days now, visiting friends, stuffing my face full of delicious food, and trying not to melt in the searing summer weather, but I haven’t really ventured far outside the city yet.  One of my friends … [Read more...]

Visiting Rumelian Fortress


Where’s that? When my friend recommended we go to Rumelian Fortress I was surprised I had no idea what that place was.  Even my other friend who is living in Istanbul had not heard of it either.  It wasn’t until I actually saw the place did I realize I had seen it from afar.  That fortress on the hill from all the boat ride along the … [Read more...]

On Returns and Turkey

View of Istanbul - Turkey

I enjoy going back to places I have been before, particularly those like Istanbul which are just too big to fully appreciate or understand in one trip.  Heck I’m fairly certain a place like Istanbul would need more than a lifetime to do that properly. This trip around being Eid, and being off from my classes (There are two Eids celebrated by … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: What are you looking at?


Was out checking out the pigeon houses while spending a few days in Cappadocia.  I didnt  realize until I got home how much I actually really did like the photograph.  He seems to be checking me out and wondering who I am and what am I here for. Check out Delicious Baby, RWeThereYetMom, and Budget Sandbox for more travel photos. … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar -- Istanbul, Turkey

One of the most famous sights in all of Istanbul is the extremely large Grand Bazaar. The bazaar covers more than 58 streets, 2 mosques, and more than 1200 shops and it is easy to get lost while wandering through the market.  It was built in the mid 15th century and has been a tourist and shopping site every since.  This was just one of the many … [Read more...]