Friday Photo: Eilean Donan Castle – Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle – Scotland

I really like this photo and I realize I never posted it!  Good thing too as I wanted to originally post some photos from my recent India trip but other life issues, weather issues, etc prevented me from actually going through all of them.  I have some good stories to share from India but until that I hope you enjoy this lovely photo from … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Cannons and Cathedrals in Ely

Ely Cathedral and Cannon - Ely, England, Cambridgeshire

A beautiful day visiting out in the city of Ely.  One of the smallest “cities” (granted city status) it is a beautiful day trip from Cambridge if you find yourself in the area.  Also a wonderful stop if you are ever in town for the “Eel” festival.  Always a good time with eel tossing and of course those delicious “jellied eels”. I almost didn’t … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Time and London Nights

Big Ben and Parliament - London, United Kingdom

I can’t believe summer is already over here in my part of the world. The weather is thankfully still pleasant but the leaves are beginning to lose their leaves and color. I looked at this photo from a previous trip through London and it makes me think about how quickly times flies by, the days, the months, the years. It’s hard to imagine the … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: At the end of the Road – Scotland

End of the Road - Lighthouse - Skye, Scotland

I was thinking back about a semi-recent trip to Skye, Scotland that I took with some of my friends / coworkers.  We didn’t really have a plan when we went up to Scotland but found ourselves a bit remote out in the Isle of Skye since it seemed like an interesting (and large) island up in the Scottish homeland.  We trekked out to the lighthouse, down … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Eye of London

London Eye - London, England

This is probably the closest I ever got to riding the London Eye.  I don’t know sure it looks nice and I believe it has a great view of this historic and exciting city.  Maybe I am missing out?  Have you ridden the London Eye before?  I don’t know I often try to do and get excited about a lot of the “tourist traps” that are sprinkled throughout the … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Fear and running at Loch Lomond

Swan on Loch Lomond, Scotland

OK maybe it was not true fear, but we did keep our distance.  Three grown men getting chased a bit by a swam…not among our best moment.  Like a lot of stupid ideas it starts out with some group think going on and then things just progress from there.  Someone remembered I still had some biscuits left over and that we should throw them to the swam … [Read more...]