Friday Photo: To the Lighthouse — Skye, Scotland


I think all the discussions about the bad weather in Scotland may be just a lie.  I’ve been there twice now and have had nothing but great weather during my times.  Maybe I’ve just been lucky perhaps.  We made a rather random trip up to Skye for a weekend just to see what is there.  On the way to the lighthouse out there (down a rather interesting … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Under the Bridge


I hate packing.  I always imagined I would be better at it after years of traveling, after dozens of trips to different parts of the world.  But nope, somehow I still really suck at packing.  I don’t understand why.  For some reason I just abhor it, put it off to the last minute, struggle to figure out what exactly I need.  It seems as if every … [Read more...]

Gunpowder Plot Day


Remember, Remember, the fifth of November Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot I know of no reason why gun powder treason Should ever be forgot. In November of 1605, a long planned plot to overthrow the king of England and replace him with a new leader was finally coming to fruition.  The conspirators had planned an explosion at Parliament that would … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Blair Castle, Scotland

Blair Castle -- Pitlochry, Scotland, United Kingdom

Driving around north of Edinburgh I decided to just wander and see where the roads take me.  I didn't have time to stop and explore Blair Castle, but it looked so beautiful out there in the distance that I couldn't help but stop and take a photograph.   … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Built originally by Emperor Hadrian, the wall bearing his name is still quite an impressive sight to see.  It is hard to believe this big wall was built so many years ago to at a length of nearly 80 roman miles.  Also every roman mile they had a fort manned by roman guards.  This wall marked the northern border of the Roman Empire in Britain and … [Read more...]