2015 DC Cherry Blossom Status – March 23


I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about the cherry blossoms here in DC.  As always it is one of the most popular times of the year in the city and my favorite time of the year as well.  I always look forward to the cherry blossoms not only for them heralding in spring but because they really change the city. This year things have been … [Read more...]

Photo Essay: Visiting Ice at the Gaylord National Hotel

Ice Display - Gaylord National Hotel

I had no intentions of visiting the Ice display at the Gaylord National Hotel.  But one of my friends had a friend visiting and they already purchased tickets and I figured I should probably go along and what it is all about.  Annually the hotel hosts an ice display that I had heard about for a few years now living in the DC area and didn’t think … [Read more...]

Best Places to view Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

Cherry Blossoms - DC

One of the most beautiful times to be here in DC is during the Cherry Blossom Festival.  The thousands of cherry trees that dot the landscape came here as a gift of friendship from the nation of Japan in the year 1912 (2,000 cherry trees arrived earlier but were sadly destroyed due to insect infestation).  There is over a hundred years of history … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: DC Cherry Blossoms


One of my favorite times of the year is spring time, when after the cold winter things start to bloom again.  I first truly experienced the beauty of the cherry blossoms several years ago in Japan on one of my trips through there and really started to characterize spring around them.  They are so beautiful, yet so fragile, so vibrant, yet live for … [Read more...]

State of the Blossom: Washington DC


Mr. Speaker, Vice President, members of the blog community, distinguished readers, and fellow photographers. It’s spring time and that means Cherry Blossoms here in DC and many parts of the world and that means it is time for flowers.  Nothing seems to light up DC more than the annual blooming of the cherry trees.  I’ve been getting a lot of … [Read more...]

Eastern Market — Washington DC


It’s funny really how often we forget to explore the areas around where we live.  I used to try to make it down to Washington DC to explore when I got the chance, and now that I live in the area, I seldom actually do any exploring.   I can become an expert exploring around places like Tokyo, but yet not really know local cities where I live like … [Read more...]