Himono Restaurant — Shinjuku, Japan


I have been to many different types of eateries while in Tokyo, so it is always exciting when I get to try something new.  When my friend asked if I wanted to go to a Himono Restaurant, I was both excited and well curious as to what that was.  Himono is a style of preparing fish that consists of drying the fish and then later grilling it for … [Read more...]

A Night in Golden Gai


I have been to Tokyo many times in the past, and I have always wanted to go to Golden Gai but never got the opportunity to.  But when I was talking with my coworker about it this time, he had mentioned he might be interested in going too and being that this may be one of my last trips (although I always say that), I really knew that I needed to try … [Read more...]


Fugu -- Tokyo, Japan

"If they ask us to prepay....I'm out", I said to Patrick with a smirk.  Patrick and I were slowly approaching one of many fugu specific restaurants here in Tokyo.  I looked up at the building, a big blowfish head adorned the upper part of the building's front face and a large tank full of fish was prominently placed near the entrance.  Part of me … [Read more...]