Breakfast with Bedouins – Petra

Entrance - Petra - Jordan

It was early. The kind of early that does not align well with vacation plans, even "vacations within a vacation" as I tended to describe this trip to be.  Only moments prior the sweet cacophony of the Adhan, a mainstay of Muslim countries, punctured the arid desert air of Wadi Musa and the surrounding valleys. With my cat like maneuvers honed … [Read more...]

Egypt: In the steps of Moses


“Wow that was scary” – C said as we got out of the van into the darkness. I looked around and thought about the hike ahead, and strangely had no recollection of the journey to get here.  For better or worse over years I’ve developed the ability to sleep almost anywhere.  A sort of parlor trick to perhaps amuse my row mates on those cramped … [Read more...]

Into the Eastern Desert – Qasr-ain

Into the Eastern Desert - Qasr Harrana - Jordan

In Arabic the word “Qasr” means palace.  These were possibly palaces, although some were mere fortresses, and most were simply lodges and houses, which I guess could be seen as a palace.  There were two famous examples on the outskirts of Azraq that see the most tourists (mostly from tour buses from the capital) and we opted to visit these before … [Read more...]

Weather and wonder in Ajloun

Castle Ajloun - Ajloun, Jordan

I walked outside my apartment in the morning, fresh trash strewn on the street in front of my building.  The sun was shining and it was already warming up nicely as spring was starting really show itself here in Jordan. I was feeling a bit weighed down by my coat as obviously the weather was only going to get warmer as the day rolled on. As at … [Read more...]

The Important Guide to taxis in Amman

Taxis in Amman - Amman Jordan

"So how was your first day" - I asked L as he beamed a smile at me. "Ahh it was great, I went downtown and it was cheap too, only cost 7JD to get there"  he replied "7 JD! You got robbed! That's over twice the price" - I angrily retorted He looked quite dejected at having overpaid for something he had imagined he got a good price on.  … [Read more...]

Into the Eastern Desert – The Oasis

Azraq Wetland Reserve - Azraq, Jordan

One of these things doesn’t belong, one of these things is different. If you told me there was this huge Oasis and wetland out here in the eastern desert I would have thought it was an obvious lie.  How could there be a wetland in this stark, desolate, black rock desert of Azraq.  It seems to go against any normal obvious convention and … [Read more...]