Photo Essay: Views of Mysore – India


As I wrote earlier I had taken a quick trip down to Mysore and Bangalore from Hyderabad with my cousins.  For all of us it was our first time in Karnataka and against my better judgment we ended up taking a day tour of each of the places.  Alas however that doesn’t mean I am without photos, although probably without as many good stories.  Beyond … [Read more...]

Photo Essay: Prophet’s Birthday in Hyderabad India

Charminar - Hyderabad India

It was a warm January over there in Hyderabad this year.  We were there mostly to try to catch up with family, go shopping, and relax and enjoy the escape from the terrible “polar vortex that hounded the US”.  The Prophet Muhammad's (SAWS) birthday is not something that is generally celebrated with a lot of fanfare.  In many countries it is a day … [Read more...]

Photo Essay: Wandering through As-Salt Jordan

As-Salt Jordan

One of the things a lot of tourists don’t end up seeing is the absolutely beautiful city of As-Salt that sits nearby as basically a suburb of the larger Amman.  What even fewer realize is that As-Salt was actually the first capital and probably one of the most beautiful cities in all of Jordan.  So I wanted to share a few of the photos and … [Read more...]

Photo Essay: Visiting Ice at the Gaylord National Hotel

Ice Display - Gaylord National Hotel

I had no intentions of visiting the Ice display at the Gaylord National Hotel.  But one of my friends had a friend visiting and they already purchased tickets and I figured I should probably go along and what it is all about.  Annually the hotel hosts an ice display that I had heard about for a few years now living in the DC area and didn’t think … [Read more...]

Photo Essay: 2012 Emirates Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup - Flemington Field - Melbourne

Photos from the Famous 2012 Emirates Melbourne Cup in Melbourne Australia. I have heard about the race for years, but never had the chance to attend it.  Honestly this was my first ever Horse Race!  I don’t think I’m going to get into horse races perhaps, but it was interesting getting the chance to see the 152nd running of this iconic … [Read more...]

Photo Essay: Walking Tour of Central Philadelphia


I realize that I never get out enough to go take photographs in my home city of Philadelphia. So before my next trip I wanted to get some time to wander around my town, practice some photography, and spend some time with a friend as well.  So here are some shots from Philadelphia for all those who may be interested. From Center … [Read more...]