Weekly Photo: Chowmahalla Palace – Hyderabad


One of several palaces that used to house the Nizams of Hyderabad back in the day and how is used mostly as a tourist site and museum.  It was the official residence of the Nizams during their rule of Hyderabad up until they were exiled after Indian Independence.  It is believed to be modeled after the Shah’s palace in Iran.  If you … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo: Scammed at the Tanneries – Marrakech, Morocco

Tanneries - Marrakech, Morocco

You know scams happen to the best of us.  I wandered down to the Tanneries in Marrakech, Morocco and of course they said it is free to walk around.  You know you are going to have to pay something, it is definitely obvious.  They let you inside and I realized there was another group walking around but this one with a local tour guide.  I of course … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Overlook in Shenandoah National Park

Overlook in Shenandoah National Park

This is a lovely photo from the autumn here in Virginia as I just returned to work and life back in the US after my time in Jordan.  As we dig ourselves out of the snow here in Virginia, this seems like a lifetime apart from the weather and days we are experience now.  I’m in the process of moving to Virginia for at least the time being, not sure … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Eilean Donan Castle – Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle – Scotland

I really like this photo and I realize I never posted it!  Good thing too as I wanted to originally post some photos from my recent India trip but other life issues, weather issues, etc prevented me from actually going through all of them.  I have some good stories to share from India but until that I hope you enjoy this lovely photo from … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: You get smarter with age…perhaps.

Fathepur Sikri - Uttar Pradesh, India

I was thinking towards my upcoming trip to India.  For those who haven’t heard, I did get my visa, through the new process which is a bit of a mess.  I will try to detail it more in a follow-up post to perhaps help others.  I was thinking back to a trip to India when I was younger, much younger.  Looking at the photos makes me wonder umm what was I … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: In the Shadow of Etna – Sicily

Mount Etna - Sicily, Italy

I had wanted to climb Mt. Etna while I was in Sicily on the trip there but the weather never seemed to cooperate.  It rained nearly daily which ended up causing the tours of the Mountain to cancel on a regular basis.  Ahh well, it would have been a beautiful place to go hiking.  I also missed out on Vesuvius as well while near Naples for the same … [Read more...]