Weekly Photo and new travels to the Middle East

Downtown Amman - Roman Theater from Citadel - Amman Jordan

So people have been asking me what’s been going on and I’ve slowly been answering it in various forms randomly in phone calls or on Social Media.  But yesterday I learned that my Visa arrived which was a great surprise.  I mailed it to the embassy the previously Friday and it returned on Thursday.  I actually thought there was something wrong … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo: Fruit Sellers in Hyderabad India

Fruit Sellers - Laad Bazaar - Hyderabad India

  I’ve been terrible about posting India photos I know.  Getting into a car accident right after coming back sorta threw the normal schedule out of alignment and for some reason I haven’t quite brought it back to normal.  I haven’t even sent out my email of photos from the trip (sorry!), so hopefully at least I can try to make up some by … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo: Mecca Masjid in Lights – Hyderabad

Mecca Masjid in Lights - Hyderabad, India

I haven’t posted as much from my travels to India as I had hoped but I’m trying to rectify that recently as I just posted about a trip into the Jungle and a trip on the train from Bangalore (although haven’t written about Bangalore yet!).  So hopefully I’ll get around to more of them.  This photo is from the night of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWS) … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo: Chowmahalla Palace – Hyderabad


One of several palaces that used to house the Nizams of Hyderabad back in the day and how is used mostly as a tourist site and museum.  It was the official residence of the Nizams during their rule of Hyderabad up until they were exiled after Indian Independence.  It is believed to be modeled after the Shah’s palace in Iran.  If you … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo: Scammed at the Tanneries – Marrakech, Morocco

Tanneries - Marrakech, Morocco

You know scams happen to the best of us.  I wandered down to the Tanneries in Marrakech, Morocco and of course they said it is free to walk around.  You know you are going to have to pay something, it is definitely obvious.  They let you inside and I realized there was another group walking around but this one with a local tour guide.  I of course … [Read more...]