Friday Photo: Above the Treasury – Petra

  • SumoMe

Sometimes you are so close to somewhere but you end up missing it completely the first time.  We climbed up the mountain behind the royal tombs the day before and it seemed like we had saw everything that there could be to see.  But I recall there being a good viewpoint when seeing a friend’s photos from before in Petra and I knew that it could only be there.  It would take us another hour of hiking probably for us to go see it, was it worth going to try again?  I wanted to try, and it seemed like there had to be something we had missed the first time we were up there, so we had some time to spare and not much more we really wanted to see today (I’d been in since 6am this morning of our second day) in Petra so we figured lets give it another try and see.  I was so glad we did.  We finally found the trail down past a house up on the hill and around the backside and back up again.  The pay off was definitely worth the chance as we got to see a often missed viewpoint of the Treasury from above.

Above the Treasury - Petra

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