Friday Photo: Along the trail in Petra

It was a lovely winter morning as we wandered along the trails of Petra.  There were very few folks wandering about this morning which was one of the benefits of visiting during the winter months.  I saw these folks, local Bedouins hurry along down the trail along with the other few tourists who were on there way as well and I was lucky to get a shot before they dispersed into the valley beyond.  I had a few ideas of a few different photos to post this week, but I was editing some Jordan photos recently and I didn’t even recall that I had this photo from my last trip there.  I also even though about a photo of the snow from my previous trip given all the news reports of the snow in Jordan at the moment.  But I found this photo much more interesting, and more of a representation of time spent in the amazing places in Jordan. 

Petra - Along the Valley


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      Perfect time of year is a tricky one. The winter it can be cold during the evenings (but still not bad during the day) and the crowds are less…the summer is boiling hot. The spring and the fall are probably the best weather wise and also see the biggest crowds. If had to pick I would say probably oct/nov or mar/april would be the best times perhaps. I went in December and loved it, but this year the weather is Jordan has been colder and snowier than it was last winter when I was in Petra.

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      Glad you like the photo! Actually it snows each year generally in Jordan, although this year was far worse than normal. I would have loved to have seen it in Cairo though, that would have been a crazy sight to behold for sure!

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