Friday Photo: Amman at Sunset

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There is that moment when you get to a new place in life and just the amount of changes going on makes you start to doubt or panic.  It was that moment when the taxi dropped me off at my new place in the city of Amman.  I came in, couldn’t communicate with the person at the dorm, nor really knew what was going on.  I was given the key, some sheets, and I just looked into my new place.  I had been in worse places and far better places too, and this place was basic, but it was fine.  However I think it was the amount of changes in my life that just amplified things going on with me these days.  I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into.  The next day I set off to explore my new temporary home.  I had met a new friend by happenstance in the Citadel and we wandered around most of the day together.  It was here though when I was watching the sunset from a café on Jebel Amman that things started to really feel better.  And I thought maybe, just maybe, life is going to be ok…

Amman Downtown

I hope to try to write more about my time in Jordan soon!  Once I get a longer break from studying.

But until then also Check out Delicious Baby and Budget Sandbox for more travel photos.


    • AY says

      Thanks Molly! It was a lovely evening. I was blessed with a good sunset that night. It was scary starting my travels out there, but so worth it in the end.

    • AY says

      Better late than never but i’m trying to write up a lot of the stories. Some I shared with family and mostly I just talked about them. I realize that I need to write them down even if just for me :)

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