Friday Photo: DC Cherry Blossoms

  • SumoMe

One of my favorite times of the year is spring time, when after the cold winter things start to bloom again.  I first truly experienced the beauty of the cherry blossoms several years ago in Japan on one of my trips through there and really started to characterize spring around them.  They are so beautiful, yet so fragile, so vibrant, yet live for such a short time.  I once read somewhere that the bloom of the cherry blossom is a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.  In Japan even in places of constant motion like Tokyo, people take out time to go and view and enjoy the blossoms.  There is a lot of respect and awe for such transient beauty.  This was my first year really experiencing them here in Washington DC, as often I would just barely miss their peak.  They were absolutely stunning when in full bloom and then on another morning after a bit of chill, rain, and wind, they lay scattered like snowflakes across the lawns and pavement.  Here’s to a great 100 years of cherry blossoms in Washington DC, and to hundreds more to come…

Cherry Blossoms - Washington Monument -- Washington DC

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    • AY says

      Definitely visit during the season. Mind you that it’s difficult to show up at the right time since often the blossoms don’t follow the official schedule. But either way it is still an amazing time to be in the city.

    • AY says

      Thanks for the compliment. I saw it in japan before I had seen it in DC myself and DC was always so much closer! They have them in Philadelphia too but far fewer than the ones here in DC. It is in some ways a similar experience with the excitement around the blossoms as it is in Japan (although at a much larger scale in Japan)

    • AY says

      Thanks Sabrina! The blossoms are definitely so fragile and they often end up departing before their time…

  1. says

    Wow, Anwar, what a stunning photo! I thought mine were beautiful until I saw yours.
    I love the cherry blossoms, have very fond memories from the time I lived in DC. I also like that it’s considered a metaphor for life. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.
    InsideJourneys´s last blog post ..Soulful Sundays: Third World

    • AY says

      There is nothing quite like seeing them in Japan. Although it is a good experience seeing them here in DC as well! It’s a hard thing to catch though if you are limited on time when you are around them because the bloom can easily shift when it is going to be at it’s peak. I wonder if they have any cherry blossom postage stamps?

    • AY says

      Thanks Andi! They are great until all the petals cover your car and everything around there :). Wait they are still great then too! Can’t even recall their smell a this moment, but I do miss them already.

    • AY says

      I Love your photos of the tulips as well. Very beautiful! It is so great to see photos of spring around the world.

  2. says

    We were there in D.C. last week, and the blossoms were definitely beautiful. I know this for a fact, because we couldn’t walk more than five feet without my wife commenting on how pretty they were.
    Great shot with the monument in the background.
    Steve´s last blog post ..Something Stunning in D.C.

    • AY says

      Awesome, glad you were able to see them. it was tough since they came earlier than people had expected. I hope you post some of your blossom photos too, would love to see them.

    • AY says

      I hope you manage to get to see them. They are so lovely and really brighten up the city! Ahh glad there are people liking the blossom photos :) I wish I had taken more now. Love your tour through Normandy as well, go to read about a different part than what I had visited when I was there.

    • AY says

      I so agree, definitely the best part about spring here! Before it gets way too unbearably hot during the summer… Glad I finally got to enjoy them in DC for once.

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