Friday Photo: Essaouira Street Scene

  • SumoMe

I love just random street scenes.  I posted another photo previously from Essaouira and wanted to share some more.  I’m still writing up about my time there too so hope to post more about that as well.  It feels strange to finally start to catch up with life at the moment.  Catching up with things that seems months ago but still fresh in mind.  This was just along one of the streets in Essaouira, one of my favorite places in Morocco.  Well ok I haven’t been to many places in Morocco yet, BUT I can still have favorites!  The days and nights there were cool, never too hot or cold, and the people’s demeanor seemed to mirror this as well.  I’m not sure what made me want to take a photograph of below, why I like it, just some random objects and a random day’s ordinary moment just frozen there in time.

Essaouira Street Scene -- Morocco

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