Friday Photo: Fear and running at Loch Lomond

  • SumoMe

OK maybe it was not true fear, but we did keep our distance.  Three grown men getting chased a bit by a swam…not among our best moment.  Like a lot of stupid ideas it starts out with some group think going on and then things just progress from there.  Someone remembered I still had some biscuits left over and that we should throw them to the swam and see.  Well eventually we ran out of biscuits and he was not at all pleased with us.  There he is standing next to my tripod as I grab my camera and moved back hoping to get a shot in case I needed to identify him in a line up later on or something.  He seems to be checking out the view as well, maybe wondering what the heck I was trying to photograph.  He probably was jaded by the gorgeous scenery so constantly around him.  I just hope we didn’t create a monster and cause a crisis in future injured biscuit-less photographers.

Swan on Loch Lomond, Scotland

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    Umm, I clearly see the “DO NOT FEED THE SWAN” sign off to the left. Although the swan could be attracted to the flamingo-like stance of the tripod. Graceful!

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