Friday Photo: Floating along at the Dead Sea

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I decided to spend a nice cold December weekend at the Dead Sea (البحر الميت) as I had well never been there before.  Usually I would probably wait until warmer weather but often it’s best to take the chance and do it while you can.  And with that weekend being the “end of the world” with the whole Mayan Calendar hoopla who knows when you will have another chance.  Maybe I found a bit of irony in the fact that I’d be spending the potential last moments on earth at a place called the Dead Sea.  To be honest I didn’t realize it was that weekend until well after I had booked my trip, but it was a fun little coincidence anyway.  But yes, it does make me wonder a bit about last moments perhaps.  If it was your last week or year or whatever, are you living or completing the things that mean a lot to you?  Those things you always put off until someday with hopes that maybe someday will just pop on the horizon and everything will work out magically well?  I think that is a lot of the reason I’m here in Jordan though at the moment. I always imagined I would “someday” go off and study Arabic for a few months and maybe live outside my home country in one spot for a little while.  But someday always seemed to delay and then years quietly evaporated.  Eventually I had to just say today and hope for the best in the end.  For even if December 21st wasn’t the last day of the world, there will be eventual last day for each one of us.

Living at the Dead Sea

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    • AY says

      Thanks Sonja! Yes I did. I need to sit and write and write and write. But honestly I’m always better at sharing photos than I am at writing. And I’m better at writing that I am at learning Arabic sadly.

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