Friday Photo: Koalas in the mist

  • SumoMe

When you realize you are hours away from where you had intended to be, you ought to still try to make the best of it.  I put in a location for a visitor center and who knew it would be no where near where I wanted to visit.  So dejected I was trying to debate whether to make another long drive when the lady mentioned there was an area nearby with wild Koalas.  The weather was a bit cold today, rainy, and foggy, but I set out with my camera wandering through the forest to see if I could spot any.  I saw about a half dozen or so koalas hanging out in the trees surrounding me, and this one was probably the most active at the time of day of all of them.  I’ve seen Koalas before in the wild, but here I was by myself and the trees were much shorter and the Koalas so very much closer.  Sometimes the places you don’t plan on being end up being some of the best experiences that you have.

Koalas in the Mist

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    • AY says

      Where in Australia are you going? This was on Raymond Island in East Gippsland (Victoria). Not really worth making the trek to unless you are in the region. Depending on where you are going there are some places to catch wild Koalas. I have also seen wild Koalas in Noosa National Park (Queensland) and near Cape Otway Lighthouse (Victoria) on the great ocean road. It’s actually fairly easy to spot them near Cape Otway if you are driving the ocean road and worth the detour. Although most of those tend to be very high up in trees.

    • AY says

      Yeah some of these were close enough to touch (although i wouldn’t do that). There was even a kangaroo there too who I almost collided with as well.

    • AY says

      Yeah they basically sleep all day! This one was one of the only ones who seemed to be awake in the forest. A few of them I could tell were watching me as I walked around the trees trying to get some good shots of them.

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