Friday Photo: Lake Bled, Slovenia

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I had every intention of writing more this week.  It was a strange week, being away, not really able to have my mind on personal things and then the days just evaporated and I found myself on Friday again.  But honestly for adventurous as it sounded of a week I took no photos so I really strangely have nothing new of note to share either.  I have a few adventures coming up so hopefully there will be a lot to post about in the near future unless I manage to lose track of that time as well.  I wanted to share a photo of a place I really haven’t posted about yet which happens to be lake bled.  Such a gorgeous little place in the heart of Slovenia, a country that look so different than most other former Yugoslavia republics that I had visited.  The town was very small but large mountains ringed the area, and in the middle of the lake was a small island with a picturesque church on it’s center.  It was as if this place was simply dreamed up.  It is amazing how many of these small countries have so much to offer yet were so very unknown to myself (and to many of my friends who I talked about going there to).  These days it is difficult to find such a beautiful place that still manages to keep a lot of it’s charm and calm peacefulness.  While there were tourists in the town, there were far less than what I would imagined there would be.


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