Friday Photo: Market Square in Krakow

It was a beautiful crisp September evening in the old town square of Krakow.  Such a gorgeous little city with so much history. I came here after a few days from Warsaw and while I really liked Warsaw it definitely did not have the architecture that Krakow currently has.  I was wandering around late at night taking photos, relaxing, watching people go by.  The Krakow market square is huge and I positioned myself by the cloth hall near the center to get the whole scene in the photo.  It was kind of funny seeing many folks stopping to see what I was doing as I had my tripod out there set up taking shots (and how many people were insistent I took their photo in their inebriated state).  I guess having a big camera and tripod can draw a lot of attention but at least here all the attention seemed to generally be positive.

Market Square in Krakow - Poland

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