Friday Photo: Memories of Winter

  • SumoMe

Maybe its not much to be thinking about winter in the middle of August.  Maybe it’s always dreaming of times that are different than when you are?  Or Maybe I just miss skiing a bit.  So I wanted to post another photo from my trip to Switzerland for skiing back in April (well I suppose it should be memories of spring perhaps), with the snow coming down on Sunday morning before another day on the slopes.  I hope to post some of the write-ups from the trip soon too as I’ve been working on writing them recently (better late than never perhaps) and hope to post them up this weekend or early next week.


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  1. says

    I’ve never seen Switzerland in the snow. I’m not much of a winter person, but with the sweltering temps we’ve had over the past 3 weeks, a little bit of that cold would be nice right about now!

    • AY says

      Well it is definitely worth visiting the winter there :) It is truly lovely in the snow, although yes if you are not a winter person it could be really tough!

    • AY says

      Haha I think it’s easy to always want the season that is not here yet! I’m sure once winter is here i’ll be begging for summer to return :).

    • AY says

      I’ve been thankful to see Switzerland in the summer as well. I was just reading again through some of your Switzerland trip, and wishing I had visited a cheese and chocolate factory!

  2. says

    winter is such a great time for all sorts of photos (and travel) — and no bad thing to be remembering that in summer either. lovely photo. look forward to reading more about you skiing trips.

    • AY says

      Yeah it was nice to revisit the memories too. I’ve been terribly behind on a few important things and finally starting to catch up. it was nice to look back on photos and writing and such from a bit ago. Winter is amazing to see, I love how much places change through the seasons.

  3. says

    Can’t wait to read more about your trip to Switzerland. We are headed there in early October for a week. No skiing then, just visiting friends, but still excited to see anything that reminds me I will be getting on a plane again in less than 2 months :-)

    • AY says

      Wow your trip sounds awesome! Where in Switzerland are you going? I always love having trips to look forward to. Strangely right now I have nothing on the dock but I have a few big plans brewing that hopefully I’ll get to reveal soon if things work out.

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