Friday Photo: Morning in the Souk

  • SumoMe

I had a bit of a love hate relationship going on there with Marrakesh.  I adored it overall I would say, but there were just some random encounters, etc that just drove me beyond crazy while wandering through the narrow alleyways.  However I found the beauty of the place quite mesmerizing and I enjoyed just watching the daily flow of life move around me.  On my last day in Marrakesh I checked out and went out early to get some last minute sightseeing before my flight back to London, and I somehow went in a direction I hadn’t gone before.  As I was walking through the markets I happened to notice the light puncturing through the porous ceiling of the covered markets and couldn’t help but stop to try to capture it the best that I could.

Morning in the Souk  -- Marrakesh, Morocco

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    • AY says

      Thanks! I was hoping the light coming through would have been more of an impact than what it ended up in the photo but overall i’m fairly happy.


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