Friday Photo: Mother and Child

  • SumoMe

Ok well I don’t know if that is a boy or a girl Joey.  There is probably a way to tell but one should not get that close to the Kangaroos.  There is a video out there of me being an idiot around kangaroos but it would be best if I don’t post it here perhaps!  I thought this was a cute shot of him staring at me while the mother was there.  Probably wondering who I was and if I was friend or foe.

Also I apologize for not posting recently.  Things have been hectic here as I’ve been finishing up some business travel and planning to go away longer for some studies.  More details on that soon and hopefully more posts while I’m there as well.

Kangaroo and Joey

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    • AY says

      Thanks! Yeah I need to put up some real posts soon. I’ve been running around lately moving out, packing, going crazy overall. How have you been these days?

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