Friday Photo: Of Petra and Pragmatism

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I realized that I’m posting less newer photos these days mostly because I’m taking less newer photos too.  I’d like to blame it solely on the weather, but to be perfectly honest it is because I’m just settling in more to my life here in Jordan.  I guess that inevitably occurs in any new location, you start to become settled, and you start to take for granted the area around where you are.  In December I was traveling somewhere new every weekend, and even on the weekdays I was trying to explore the area near by.  In January I made one trip outside of Amman.  I suppose that is not something that is necessarily a bad thing, I’m becoming a local now in my Jordanian lifestyle.  I have my routines, my coffee shops, my laundry place, frequent restaurants.  Some of the shop keepers know exactly what I want as soon as I walk into the store.  It’s not an exciting daily adventure, it’s simply just life…

The photo this week is another of my photos from my travel to Petra.  I probably will get back there I’m sure some day but probably only if someone from home treks out here to visit me during my stay.

Petra -- Obelisk

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    • AY says

      Ahh the travel was great :) Thanks for the comment. Petra is an interesting place. It’s expensive to go to, but it’s worth visiting.

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