Friday Photo: On the road to Paradise

  • SumoMe

I feel very far from home right now.  At least mentally and soon also physically.  My mind has been a mush of decisions, desires, confusion, and fear.  I’m on the edge of trying to do something to shake things up a little bit and I’m both really exciting and really scared.  I suppose the best things in life are always those that make us fear the outcomes, fear the possibilities as much as the problems.  Have you ever felt so in control of things and yet so at the mercy of them as well?  I’m in the process of working on a post about it all, its nearly completely but still not yet ready.  The photograph for today is from the road on the way to Paradise, New Zealand out past Glenorchy, a short distance from Queenstown.  I was out there alone on this little road, passing cows and sheep and wondering if I would ever reach my “destination” whatever that was.  Eventually the road conditions deteriorated and without a four wheel drive I could go no further.  Perhaps that was just as well…maybe paradise is always meant to be just a bit out of reach.

Road to Paradise, New Zealand


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