Friday Photo: Out in the Desert

  • SumoMe

Ok so its basically Sunday now I realize.  Perhaps days don’t matter as much as I would like them to do so.  I spent the weekend out in the desert so it was much harder to communicate while out there by internet…and who would want to anyway?  It was nice to get back to nature, even nature that wasn’t my natural own.  I went to Wadi Rum mostly because well….I’ve never been before.  Getting around is not like it was in the long past nor is the quality of stay anymore, but it is still quite primitive compared to what most of us are used to.  Being able to be so far away from electricity, and regular life is a nice change of pace.  Being able to look up and see a night sky unlike one we ever really get to see back home is an amazing blessing as well.  I may not want to spend my life living out in the desert, but I can definitely appreciate the calmness, beauty, and harshness that such an environment provides.

Wadi Rum

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