Friday Photo: Sunrise at the Treasury

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Another Petra photo and another photo of the Treasury.  I swear I took more photos than just near the entrance!  I will try to post them soon or write about them more, but with studying it’s been hard, since I feel so guilty spending so much time writing when I could be studying more!  I arrived really early on my second day in Petra.  I was actually the first tourist in the morning.  I groped my way through the Siq in the dark, with only the small light from my headlamp keeping me from stumbling.  The Siq was magical at this time of day, I felt so alive, and so humbled as well.  I could turn off my lamp and I could see a million stars in the sky and only imagine the imposing walls surrounding me.  I startled the Bedouin  merchants as I exited from the canyon onto the doorstep of the Treasury.  We shared tea and stories while we sat and watched the sun peak its way above the valley walls, and welcomed a new day here in this breathtaking wonder.

Sunrise at the Treasury

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