Friday Photo: The Fog in Brugge

  • SumoMe

It was a cold and foggy day the time we wandered down into Brugge.  I didn’t think it was going to end up being a good day for photography, just a nice day to see museums.  But sometimes the fog adds a lot to the atmosphere of a place.

Bridge in the fog in Brugge, Belgium

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  1. says

    Awesome moody shot in one of my favorite (small) cities in Europe. I used to live in Amsterdam and traveled to Brugge a few times. Beautiful, intimate place to be.

    I just checked out your blog and photos for the first time since you’ve commented on mine. Lots of fantastic shots! And all the places you’ve been…lucky guy!

    • AY says

      Thanks for the comment, and thanks for checking out my blog. I have a new resolution to be better at actually updating and consistently posting. For all those places, I never did write down as much as I would have liked and then I started to slowly forget too. I’m hoping to not have that issue as much in the future perhaps :) I had such a great time here in Brugge as well, such a lovely little city.

    • AY says

      ya i was happy to find a shot that gave the atmosphere of the place that day. Some of my best photos are when the weather wasn’t great. although it is harder to want to take photos in weather like that.

    • AY says

      It’s a really lovely city. I think I preferred Gent more since there were less tourists, but Brugge is so very lovely.

    • AY says

      Thanks! This ended up being one of my favorite photos though from Belgium even though I thought I wouldn’t get many that day. We still saw museums too but I would have hated to spend all the time indoors.

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