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Staring at a desktop full of half written blog posts. pictures that need editing, stories that need editing, and thoughts that need finalizing.  So many ideas floating about, but my mind has been on so many other matters that I’ve been terribly bad about finishing and posting all that I should have already.  There are going to be some changes work wise and life wise, some possibilities that could take me to some interesting places at the opposing extremes of options.  It’s a strangely convoluted set of options and circumstances, that is all to common in my life and hopefully it all works out in some sort of valuable conclusion. I wish I could tell you more at the moment, but I don’t want to jinx myself, and I’m still a bit unsure of which way I’ll go or how things will ultimately turn out.  But hopefully some news soon.

The photo below was from a trip to New Zealand, driving south along the coast on my way to Christchurch.  I pulled off to the side to take a photo of the deserted shoreline, the waves crashing faithfully along the coast. My trip was coming to quickly to an end, and I sat there eating my lunch and thinking about what I would do when I returned home to my new hometown.  Don’t worry this photograph isn’t directly related to the opportunities, although while I’m writing this post it could be possible to make a indirect connection.

South Island New Zealand Coast

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      Thank you so much Mike! I don’t always feel like I’m doing great but I appreciate your kind words. I thought being home would give me some time to relax and organize but it is businer than imagined! I wish finding a groove was easier :)

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      I agree. But for me at the moment it’s not social media, although that certainly does not help the situation :-) I’ve been traveling back and forth a lot, working a really busy external effort, and taking language classes to support a job I’m pursuing. How do you manage your time with the social media and other distractions?

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      Thanks Leigh. I agree, attention span is only one of the problems. But yes definitely setting deadlines is an important part of it!

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    Nothing could be more tempting to walk along — and to photograph — than a wild looking piece of New Zealand coastline. I loved every minute of being in that country, both in the north and the south. What I like about the photo is the composition, with plenty of foreground detail. This adds depth to the scene, and makes you feel that you could walk right into it.

    All the best with your plans, Anwar…
    Andrew Graeme Gould´s last blog post ..Santiago dogs and a cat posing

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      I hope to get to the North Island soon! The coast of New Zealand is so stunning. I’m so glad they do so well in preserving it. I always felt that the South Island was like one big national park with just a few settlements interrupting it. You definitely described what I was hoping to accomplish, so i’m very glad to know it works :)

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    That is a gorgeous photo, Anwar. It’s definitely postcard worthy. NZ is one of my favorite countries though I haven’t made it to Christchurch yet. Good luck with your new endeavors. I hear you with all the blogging things that keep piling up and seem never ending. Sometimes, they really do need to just take a backseat to real life.
    Mary {The World Is A Book}´s last blog post ..All Aboard the London Eye

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      Life has a way surely of sneaking up! I’m likely moving somewhere… so it’s been a bit hectic, i’m in temporary housing, etc at the moment. It’s a bit odd, but the opportunities are exciting and so different. Just that there are so many uncertainties for all of them and I have to make decisions that will need me to say no to some, and even the ones I say yes to may end up falling through at the last minute. Just stressful and also why I’m a bit hush about them, I don’t want to say Yes I’m doing something and find out it fell through in the 11th hour.

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      It was a gorgeous bit of coastline. The south Island is so ridiculously beautiful, that getting a bad photo is harder than a getting a good one :)

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    So mysterious, Anwar. I’m intrigued. Still, if the photo’s connected, it looks like you might be headed to NZ for a longer stay.
    And, I can relate to the half written blog posts, to be edited photos, etc. I had plans to finish at least 3 more posts this week. It’s Friday and they’re still half done.
    Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!
    Marcia´s last blog post ..Managing Solo Travel Fears

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      I’m very good at being mysterious haha. You wouldn’t be able to guess actually I don’t think, a few of the ones are not places one would imagine for work / travel. I’ve actually only told a few friends and family mostly to get some opinions, ideas, thoughts on the different decisions. It’s not NZ actually, i was thinking of trying to find a related photo, but the opportunities are so completely different that it wouldn’t work.

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      Thanks Michele! I hope you make it to NZ. It is such a lovely place indeed. I’ve only visited the South Island, but I hope to one day visit more of it.

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