Friday Photo: The Promised Land

  • SumoMe

Several weeks ago I had the chance to visit Umm Qais up in the northern Part of Jordan.  It was far more green than I expected it to be, and it amazes me how constantly surprised I am at the environment in this part of the world.  In the distance there you can see Syria, the Golan Heights, Israel, Palestine.  Its hard to see from the photographs here the fences and borders, but they exist, preventing people from moving freely, preventing conflicts from spilling over from one side to another.  Syria especially with the news reports of the war going on further north, it is hard to imagine the conflict when you see the peaceful valley below.  As I walk through the ruins of an incredibly old city I try to imagine what life would have been like even a hundred years or so ago before all the borders went up between countries, how seeing Sea of Galilee in the distance and just wanting to wander and explore, something that is impossible in the current political environment.  Maybe one day the borders will be less hostile, and maybe we all will be able to wander freely once again.

Umm Qais, Jordan

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    • AY says

      Yeah there was a lot of rain prior to us going there. Actually it was raining while we were there too. I would have loved to have seen Syria when I was there :( Sad…

    • AY says

      Yeah if only the borders were not such a problem. If you look around in the area you can see guard towers and fences. Sad really. One day perhaps we can walk freely again.

    • AY says

      I wish that too Sonja. I see that unlikely anytime soon though. The landscape is very beautiful and I was not expecting it to be so green.

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