Friday Photo: The snows of Amman

  • SumoMe

I am having a hard time remembering the snows from merely two weeks prior.  The weather currently floats in the mid 60s Fahrenheit and the chill seems a distant memory.  But a few weeks past I awoke in the morning to witness the streets of my adopted home blanketed with several inches of fresh powder.  It was a lovely and yet strange sight as well.  I won’t say people did not warn me that Amman could possibly be cold, but I simply imagined their version of cold differed greatly than my own.  For me this type of cold was relegated to the further northern reaches of the world and not to the deserts of the middle east.  But there it was, and there I was wondering how I was going to manage to navigate the city during this weather phenomenon.  I apologize that this photo is not up to my usual standard for photography, I did not bring out my real camera, nor did I risk trying to go far from my residence.  The sidewalks had begun to ice over and the streets were slick as well and I did not trust my fate to the skills of local drivers.  But regardless I saw the city shut down but also light up in a new way.  People running around outside making snowmen and having snowball fights.  It was both uniquely foreign to me in this location but also familiar from the winters of my home.  A little taste of my former home in my new temporary one.

Snows of Amman

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    • AY says

      You know though I did not pack for winter when I went there. I thought it was hogwash that it was cold there. Also the city is not built as well for winter as I would have hoped.

    • AY says

      It wasn’t technically unusual, but I was not at all expecting it. Winter in Jordan, sigh, interesting, but it was a pain to deal with.

  1. says

    I love watching the news coverage when it snows somewhere that doesn’t typically see snowfall – everyone always seems so overjoyed to be experiencing it (even if it shuts the city down). It must have been interesting to experience that phenomenon first hand!

    • AY says

      The news was a mess. it was sad really. The refugees had so many issues with the snow and rain for obvious reasons. Amman shut down and it was ok from my perspective, but even just getting food became an adventure.

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