Friday Photo: Under the Bridge

  • SumoMe

I hate packing.  I always imagined I would be better at it after years of traveling, after dozens of trips to different parts of the world.  But nope, somehow I still really suck at packing.  I don’t understand why.  For some reason I just abhor it, put it off to the last minute, struggle to figure out what exactly I need.  It seems as if every time I pack it was the first time I ever did it.  So do yourself a favor and never ask me for any packing advice ;- )  I figured this photo was a good choice for this week as this is why I’m in the middle of packing.  Can you figure out where it is?  (Cambridge, England) It will be good to get away for a while I suppose, I have a few locations planned during my time away so I’m really excited for all of it!  Now if I could only get all this packing done…

Under the Bridge -- Cambridge, United Kingdom

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    • AY says

      I think I’m going for the throw stuff together when cab arrives. It’s also making sure I don’t forget things (especially the really important stuff). It always drives me nuts worrying about it…

    • AY says

      Thanks! The colors are gorgeous. It is actually taken at basically the same time of year too, just on a previous year than this.

    • AY says

      Ha! I’m just the same exactly way with packing too! Always last minute, struggling to get some sleep in the night before, etc. I’ve been “trying” to get stuff done earlier this time, but nope still a serial procrastinator. Good thing to know I’m not alone :) I’m also a bit ridiculous in worrying about forgetting things or not packing properly. I wish I could just relax more about it! It’s even worse when it is part work and part fun…

    • AY says

      Close, but actually in England. Haha, I don’t mind unpacking as much I suppose… I just throw it all into the laundry when I get back and find my way back to normal quickly. Yeah true, I think it is having to pack for multiple places, multiple reasons, etc. For some reason I cant seem to make any trip simple! Beautiful photos from the Vatican there! Almost forgot Easter is upon us!

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