Friday Photo: We are not alone….

  • SumoMe

My friend and I decided to take a quick trip one morning to check out one of the National Parks near Canberra.  Now the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) is a lot bigger than I would have expected, even an hour outside of Canberra we were still located in it.  Namadgi is the fairly large sized National Park in the ACT boundaries and you certainly feel like you are well outside of Canberra while here.  Driving in we noticed we may be the only ones venturing down to the trail, but we certainly were not alone.

Kangaroos -- Namadgi National Park

Kangaroos photographed from my car window...

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    • AY says

      It is definitely amazing to get to see them in the wild. It is not always easy to get to see wild animals in Australia, unless you really get out of the cities.

    • AY says

      Yeah they were probably not expecting us. We didn’t see anyone else on the unsealed road to the trailhead. There were even a few parts of the road that were a bit flooded that we needed to go out and check to make sure they weren’t too deep.

    • AY says

      I’m normally used to that as well. I’ve been to Australia a few times perhaps but it is still such an exciting sight to catch a few kangaroos in the wild.

    • AY says

      These ones definitely did not get closer to our car. There were a few a bit further down standing on the dirt road we were driving down however and they also hopped away as we approached closer. I’ve seen some other kangaroos at some of the beaches that are really too tame due to human interaction. These ones appeared cautiously curious.

    • AY says

      Yes I was definitely wondering what they must be thinking! I kinda imagined they were curious who these trespassers were on their land.

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