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Several Travel Blogs out there on the interweb.

Travel Blogs:

      • 2Backpackers – Beautifully written blog by a traveling couple on their journey around the world.
      • Am I nearly there yet – A wonderful couple of Brits exploring the world.
      • Backpacking Travel Blog – Traveling as a couple is tough, but Sam and Audrey manage to do it while maintaining this site as good as it is (and having their own personal sites too). Incredible.
      • Bacon is Magic – I always love reading Ayngelina’s writing. Well written and inspiring
      • Candice Does the World – I don’t know why but I keep coming back and checking it over the years.  She’s crazy, determined, and funny for sure.
      • Chasing the Donkey – Sarah Jane’s Stellar blog on one of my favorite countries
      • Everything-Everywhere – Who doesn’t know Gary’s amazing website?
      • Fleeting Life – Beautifully named and humorously written. Christina certainly inspires and amuses with her stories and advice.
      • Green Global Travel – Brett and Mary travel and explore the world of eco-tourism which is really important for sustainable travel.
      • Kavi 360 – One of my first “blog” friends who became a real friend. Kavi traveled and while she’s back in the USA she’s still writing
      • My Travel Affairs Marysia inspires with beautiful words & photos from around the world
      • Nomadic Samuel – Samuel Jeffery extensive blog is amazing and full of great stories, videos, and travel information.
      • Noelimits Noelfy tells it straight up on her travels across the globe.
      • Passports & Pamplemouse – college friend, amazing traveler, and amazing cook as well. worth reading even just for the recipes
      • Smiling Faces Travel Photos – I really like the premise of this blog. Definitely puts a smile on my face.
      • That Backpacker – Audrey travels the world and covers all sorts of destinations with great writing and beautiful photographs.
      • The Great Affair – A blog I stumbled on, impressive writing, and amazing sketches. One of my new favorite blogs.
      • The Travelling Squid – Phebe’s travels aroudn the world. I’ll even forgive the British english title 😉
      • This Way to Paradise – A lovely blog by Val Dawson, traveling the world.
      • Travel Scamming – I’m one of the biggest suckers, so its good to a blog fighting these.
      • The Venturists – Sean and Jen share colorful stories and photos from the road.



I’m always on the look out for great blogs and great writing.  If you have any suggestions, please contact me.  I only list blogs I actually follow / read…